Using Drive Focus
User Analytics


Drive Focus User Analytics is a browser-based tool designed for driving schools, occupational therapists, researchers, and insurance companies. User Analytics allows these customers to view detailed usage and performance information about their clients.

1. User Permissions

Drive Focus for Android is HIPAA compliant. All user data is transmitted and stored using state-of-the-art encryption.

a. How a user gives you permission to view their data

Before you can view a another user’s data, that user must explicitly give you permission to see their data. You will not be able to view any sensitive data such as a user’s password, billing information, or other personal data. You can only view their usage and scores.

b. Define who you share your data with

Follow these steps to share your data.

Locating Drive Focus Settings (Android App)
1. Select "Settings"
Selecting who can view your results (Drive Focus Android)
2. Select "Who can view my results"
Entering email address of who can view your results (Drive Focus Android)
3. Enter email address of who can view results

2. Viewing User Data

Login to Drive Focus User Analytics from the Drive Focus website or by clicking this button.

If you don’t already have an account, you will be asked to set one up.

3. Exploring User Data

After you have logged in, you can see all users that have shared their data with you.

Select “All” to see aggregate data for the entire group or select individuals to view individual data.

User Data Dashboard Drive Focus User Analytics

The “week”, “month”, and “Start date / End Date” selections allow you to quickly define dates of interest.

Defining Problem Areas - Drive Focus User Analytics
Green yellow and red highlights draw your attention to potential problem areas
Average usage by lebel over time - Drive Focus User Analytics
Total use by date and level
Total Usage by Date and Time - Drive Focus User Analytics
Average by date and level
Details of user performemnce - Drive Focus User Analytics
Details by Area and Drive

4. Download User Data to Spreadsheet

At any time, you can download selected user data in spreadsheet format as a .csv file by clicking on the download button.

Output to spreadsheet - Drive Focus User Analytics

Column headings and meanings

userid  – Encrypted User Identifier

driveid – Internal drive identifier

levelNumber – Difficulty of drive – level 1, 2, or 3

email – User email

name – User name

startDate – Date that user started the drive

tourTitle – Tour title

driveDescription – Description of drive

driveTitle – Title of drive

totalDriveScore – Total score for drive

percentageOfObjectsRecognizedPerDrive – Percent of this type of object recognized

joinDate – The day that the user first signed up for Drive Focus

criticalItemMarking – Was critical item marking enabled for drive? If so, scores is reduced by 20%

itemId – Internal database identifier of object

itemName – Critical item name

objectRecognition – Was the object recognized?

orderOfObject – Numerical order of this object in drive

totalTimeObjectExists – Total time object present on screen

speedOfDrive – Speed of drive can be 100%, 80%, or 60%. Score is reduced if drive is slowed down

priorityRecognized – Was the object recognized in the correct order? For example brake lights directly in front of you before the speed limit sign