Drive Focus User Analytics

Ideal for driving schools, rehabilitation services, emergency responders, and insurance companies.

Drive Focus User Analytics allows you to see very detailed information about multiple Drive Focus users and understand their progress over time. For example:
1) How much time has each user spent using Drive Focus? 
2) What Tours have they taken?
3) How do they rank against their peers?
4) What is their score for each level of drive? 
5) What is their progress? Are they improving?
6) What percent of critical items are they identifying?
7) What is their overall response times for each of the 11 critical items?
8) How often do they respond to critical items in the correct order?
Dashboard view of Drive Focus user performance
User Analytics Dashboard
List of Tours that a user has taken
Each user's performance overall
Analysis of user performance using Drive Focus
Detailed analysis of users performance
Woman using Drive Focus User Analytics

Standard reports. . .
And tools to dig deeper

Drive Focus User Analytics are displayed in an easy to understand report format – perfect to understand what is going on with an individual or group, share with a client or download and print as a PDF.
Our industry-standard visualization engine gives power users and researchers the ability to further examine and graph additional data variables.

How it works

  1. Your client or student gives you permission to access their Drive Focus data
  2. Logon on to your web browser to see their scores
  3. Use Drive Focus User Analytics to analyze results and create reports
Image of Drive Focus Analytics Report
Printable reports


Drive Focus User Analytics is currently provided at no cost. Click on the links below to learn more and to get started.