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Visual Search Skills for Driving Rev 2.0

The Visual Search Skills Program was developed for individuals who have difficulty identifying and responding to visual information on the roadway. It provides a structured approach for learning to search the environment for only the critical information that the driver needs to attend to. Thus, it improves reaction time and confidence as a driver.

This computer-based program is designed to be used with a therapist in a clinic setting. There are step-by-step instructions that take the client through 65 road scenes and guide them in recognizing critical information. The same skills apply both in rural settings and complex city environments.

After completion of this Program, the client can use these visual search skills as a passenger or driver, depending on overall driving skills.

Now you can download the Visual Search Skills Program and begin using it immediately.
$22.00 USD

Driver Training Toolbox Rev 2.0

The Driver Training Toolbox contains time saving evaluation and treatment tools and forms for the Occupational Therapist working in a Driver Rehabilitation program for adolescents with special needs

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Driver Training Toolbox Rev Img
Now you can download the Driver Training Toolbox and begin using it immediately.
$15.00 USD

Readiness for Driving: IADL Checklist

This checklist was created by Drs. Monahan and Dickerson to give therapists insights as to whether a young person with autism is ready to drive.

Cost: Free

The parent completes the form and the occupational therapist identifies whether the young person has the foundational skills for driving or not. If not, the checklist is valuable for developing goals towards independence in life skills and driving.

Training Tool Img@2x
Introducing a new online version that analyzes the results to help define goals and see readiness to drive potential.

What Our Users Say

I tell all my beginner drivers about drive focus. It is especially helpful for students are missing important things or hazards.  My students have told me: I think it’s great!. It’s smooth & simple. It was helpful for learning to drive! It wasn’t glitchy or buggy, where I clicked actually works.
Testimonial Mary Frances3
Maryfrances Gross
University of Kentucky 
As a clinician in a neuro clinic, I use Drive Focus with many of my patients. It's a terrific home program with objective feedback on speed of processing and visual attention. Patients love that it looks like driving and enjoy trying to improve their scores.
Testimonial Beth2
Beth Rolland
Upstate University Hospital of Syracuse
Drive Focus has been well received by Australian Occupational Therapists at two national conferences and during many workshops, with excitement about the opportunities for our clients and their driving. My clients find it easy and fun to use. It was a privilege to support Drive Focus with recording the Melbourne videos.
Testimonial Megan
Megan Coulter
Occupational Therapist
Drive Focus has taken Australia by storm! Driving Well OT in Brisbane collaborated with Miriam to bring Drive Focus to Australia, winning the Australian Road Safety Foundation award in 2021. It’s worldwide OT conference premier was in Melbourne (“Mel-bin”!) in June 2022, with OTs being excited and impressed by the impact Drive Focus can have on clients with executive functioning disorders who want to learn or return to driving. Affordable, accessible, brain-training for driving!
Testimonial Jenny
Jenny Gribbin
Occupational Therapist
I recommend Drive Focus to patients who have had strokes, brain injuries, cognitive or visual processing limitations and students with special needs exploring if they are ready to drive. Drive Focus is motivating because it looks like driving. After using Drive Focus my clients are much more relaxed and prepared for driving.
Heather Shields
Owner Pathways Rehabilitation Services, LLC
Drive Focus is the best first step available to assist people who need help learning to drive and lack access to professional assistance.
Testimonial Bryson
My daughter, who is on the autism spectrum, used Drive Focus to help prepare for behind the wheel driving lessons. Her ability to recognize and prioritize signals, traffic, and potential hazards increased dramatically. She enjoyed the app and gained a lot of self-confidence.
Testimonial Kim
I love using Drive Focus with my clients recovering from strokes to work on scanning and processing activities in preparation for driving. I also use Drive Focus with inexperienced drivers to get ready to learn to drive. The app is easy to use, very affordable, and the visuals are great!
Susie Touchinsky
Adaptive Mobility Services, LLC
I highly recommend Drive Focus to help prepare a student to get behind the wheel of a car. I went from not knowing where to look while driving to being able to recognize the most important things for a driver to notice. It doesn't get boring because of the different cities that you drive through as you improve.
Testimonial Gwen 1
Drive Focus
Become the confident driver you’ve always wanted to be
Drive Focus