DRIVE With focus

Video driving simulator for:
iPad & M1 Mac, Vision Pro
Android Tablets & Chromebook
Amazon Fire Tablets
Microsoft Windows 11

  • Takes driver training to the next level
  • For all ages and abilities
  • Based on more than 20 years of research
  • Improves critical driving reaction speed
  • Improves road awareness
  • Perfect companion for driver education
  • Great tool for driver rehabilitation
iPad, Mac, Vision Pro
Android and Chromebook
Android, Amazon Fire Tablets
Windows 11

Get ready to drive

  • Get ready to watch immersive HD videos, from the driver’s point of view
  • Improve your ability to notice and react to real-life driving situations, boosting your confidence behind the wheel
  • Provides detailed scoring to document your progress, allowing you to evaluate your skills at every step

Like your personal driving simulator

  • Practice key driving skills on your computer or tablet
  • Helps improve your situational awareness
  • Includes challenging drives throughout Australia, Canada, and the United States filmed by professional driving school instructors 
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Driving analysis

  • Designed for schools and rehabilitation
  • Provides ability to oversee the visual attentiveness, speed of processing, and driving cognition for groups of users
  • Understand what the user sees as they drive