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Whether you are thinking about learning to drive or already learning to drive, Drive Focus is the tool for you. Drive Focus teaches you what you need to be aware of on the road as well as what you don’t need to attend to. The result is better reactions when you drive. And as a bonus, the game-like features make it fun and competitive.
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Drive Focus is an essential tool for learner drivers to improve their awareness and reaction speed. It can be used in a classroom, as homework, or in small groups to learn visual search skills for driving and understand the implications of distracted driving. 
Drive Focus is a must have tool for clients who want to drive and are recovering from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or adjusting to cognitive changes from Parkinson’s disease, or other conditions. Drive Focus can be used at home, and in-patient and out-patient settings. There is no other tool so affordable that directly targets the visual and cognitive skills for driving.
Drive Focus was built for users with diverse learning styles and needs. Whether you’re a beginner driver who benefits from different learning approaches or you are an experienced driver who wants to return to driving after a medical event, Drive Focus can help. Drive Focus makes it fun to develop visual search skills and reactions.

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The first research-based driver training app that takes your driving to the next level. Enhance your reaction speed and road awareness, sharpening your ability to detect and respond to real-world driving scenarios. Build confidence behind the wheel every time you use it. 

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